Urgent Prayer Request

Antioch Church Prayer Request: May 24, 2020

  1. Steve Haney requests prayer for Mary Thomas, Army friend for 45 years as her husband Hubert passed recently. 5/23/2020
  2. Steve Haney requests prayer Pastor Kim Allen, Little West Fork Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN. 5/23/2020
  3. Dwight Harrell requests prayer for Regina’ family with the passing of her aunt last week.  5/21/2020
  4. Imogene Lowe requests prayer for Brian’s salvation. 5/21/2020
  5. Barbara Grayder requests prayer for her husband Don. 5/17/2020
  6. Linda Copas requests prayer for her two brothers who both have cancer. 5/10/2020
  7. Mary Brown requests prayer for an unspoken request. 5/10/2020
  8. Steve Dale requests prayer for 4 unspoken requests. 5/10/2020
  9. Justin Keys requests prayer for financial issues. 5/10/2020
  10. Angela Thompson requests prayer for an unspoken request. 5/10/2020
  11. Teluna Greer requests prayer for feet issues; her mother is in the hospital with pneumonia.5/10/2020
  12. Donna Fields requests prayer for allegory related issues. 5/12/2020
  13. Margaret Fields requests prayer for heart issues that she has been having. 5/10/2020
  14. Prayer requests for Jewell Collins who will be having surgery on a shoulder rotator cuff as soon as it can be scheduled. 5/13/2020
  15. Sean Mannings requests prayer for his grandmother, Cathy Kartachak, who has had lung cancer surgery and will now begin chemo therapy. 5/6/2020
  16. Dale Strother requests prayer for his son Josh who has been diagnosed with colon cancer. 5/5/2020
  17. Pray for Pastor and church staff as they make plans for the different stages of our Church to return to corporate worship. Also remember to pray for one another who is a part of the Antioch Family. 4/29/2020
  18. Continue to pray for the President and Vice President, our Tennessee Governor and other key leaders who are assisting with the pandemic virus and the return of our Nation for churches, work places, schools and everyday life return to normal life.  Also pray that our nation’s people repent of their sin and turn to God to heal our nation spiritually and physically. 4/29/2020
  19. Judy Henagers request prayer for her granddaughter who has issues with ulcers. 4/29/2020
  20. Lee Keys requests prayer for Frank who is in the brain center in Atlanta and Lindsey.  4/26/2020
  21. Debbie Donaldson requests prayer for her sister’s husband, Gene Chapman, who has been admitted to the JCMC. 4/22/2020
  22. Sara Tackett requests prayer to help her to find a job since returning from India.  4/19/2020
  23. Please pray for Crystal Jones whose mother passed away this past week.  4/29/2020
  24. Pray for Jacob and Jenna Bailey as their baby is due soon. 4/15/2020
  25. Pray for Brad and Ashleigh Bailey as their baby is due soon.  4/15/2020
  26. CAROLYN MILAN has gone home under HOSPICE Care.  Please pray for her, Buddy, their daughters and their husbands and the grandchildren. She was doing better than expected today.  4/22/2020
  27. Wanda Garland requests prayer for her nephew who has a sinus infection; he has been tested for the COVID-10 virus.  4/15/2020
  28. Prayer is requested for Matthew Reed.  He recently went to see a heart specialist in Roanoke, VA.  He was told that he will not need heart surgery.  5/5/2020
  29. Elisa Britt requests prayer for her son Michael who works for the Fire Department. 3/29/2020
  30. Judy Fox requests prayer for Jason’s hand accident; his fingers are healing well.  4/29/2020
  31. Janet Davis requests for her parents Lawson and Clarence Kilroy.  4/7/2020
  32. Steven Dale requests prayer for his friend Jeff Lucas, whose cancer has moved to his brain.  3/26/2020
  33. Pray for Sarah Tackett’s friends in India concerning the COVID-19 virus.  3/25/2020
  34. Pastor has requested that our church pray for Rusty Sells, who is the Washington County Emergency Management Agency Director.  He is very busy during the COVID 19 emergency. 3/25/2020
  35. Sara Bottomley requests prayer as she is asking God to provide $700 monthly support for her CRU ministry for the coming year.  3/15/2020
  36. Richard Long requests prayer for local nursing homes that have been locked down.  No family members or friends are being allowed in the nursing homes to prevent the spread of the new virus to the residents. 3/11/2020  23. Sherry and Jerry request prayers for their son-in-law, Michael Peterson, who is a candidate for a kidney transplant .
  37. UPDATE: Nancy Ferrell requests prayer for Joe, her husband, as he is recovering from a major neck injury.  Joe has weakness to walk and is having issues with his equilibrium stability. 4/14/2020
  38. Pray for Lori Tackett’s mother, who recently had a stroke and is in the hospital in NC.   3/10/2020
  39. Pray for our military men and women’s protection across the world, as well as for our President and Vice President and Congress and the Pentagon leaders. 3/30/2020
  40. Pray for these lost people that need to be saved: Don and Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, for someone’s uncle, Robbie & Andrew, for Jordan, and Ronnie Britt.
  41. Michelle Vanover requests prayer for Chris who is a truck driver, back on the road.                                                  


COVID- 19 Special Prayer for Medical Personnel

FOR 5/24/2020

  1. Paul Garland requests prayer for Seth Garland, who works at the JCMC.
  2. Kristen and Bob Hickling request prayers for their children:  Katie is back at NYU and Wes is a physical trainer but is doing COVID- 19 screenings at a hospital in Charlotte, NC.  
  3. Marissa Posner requests prayer for Nick who is back on the road traveling, please pray for safety and protection from the COVID-19 Virus.
  4. Jan Sparrow requests prayer for Trinity Donaldson who works at a grocery store.
  5. Michelle Vanover requests prayer for Chris who is a truck driver, back on the road.
  6. Jim Krell requests prayer for his grandson, Daniel Krell, who works for the TN Department of Children Services, as he goes into homes to check on children.
  7. Elisa Britt requests prayer for her son Michael who works for the Fire Department.
  8. Debbie Stitt requests prayer for their son, Tyler, who is a pilot out of NY. Also pray for his girl friend who is a flight attendant.
  9. Jan Sparrow requests prayer for her daughter, Nikki Pirvu, who is a nurse in a hospital.
  10. Dwight and Regina request prayer for their son, Dr. Caleb Harrell, who is a doctor at the University Of  FL Hospital in Gainesville, FL.
  11. Mandy Gillian requests prayer for her sister, Cindy, who is a nurse.
  12. Prayer is requested for Charles Wilson and Dustin Ledford, who work at the VA Mountain Home Hospital.
  13. Debbie Ward requests prayers for respiratory workers at the Johnston Memorial in Abingdon,VA.
  14. Prayer is requested for Nikki Charles, a nurse.
  15. Prayer is requested for Kerstynn Whitaker, a pharmacist.
  16. Prayer is requested for Kathy Baker who works at JCMC.
  17. Barbara Teal requests prayer for Ruth Bottomley who is a RN at Sycamore Shoals Hospital; and her daughter Sara Bottomley who is a RN at Holston Hospital in Kingsport.
  18. Brad Bailey requests prayer for his wife, Ashleigh, a respiratory therapist at JCMC.
  19. Prayer is requested for Owen Rowe, who is pharmacy tech.
  20. Brenda Adam requests prayer for Gary Guess, a nurse.
  21. Jonathan Greenlee requests prayer for his wife, Cassidy, who works at the JCMC.
  22. Debby Clark requests prayer for Andy Stewart, her son-in-law, who is a RN at Unicoi Hospital and Sarah Stewart, her daughter, who is a RN at Sycamore Hospital ER.
  23. Debbie B. Ward requests prayer for her daughter, Shannon and B.J. McKay who are both health care workers.
  24. Wanda Garland requests prayer for two nurse friends who have the COVID-19 virus:  Angie Kirgan in Texas and Elizabeth Shank, in California.  Elizabeth is in the hospital on a ventilator.




Ongoing Prayer Requests

Vickey Dempsey, Hospice Care

Veronica Hurst has several health issues.

Bobby Harrell has chronic pain and fatigue.

J.B. Becky and Justin Fine salvation

Dale and Linda Browning

Scott Bradford (Regina Harrell’s dad)

Bill Buchanan (Lori Tackett’s uncle)                                

Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)

Tim Cohran’s family house fire settlement

Matthew Clark 

Kim Church – Chronic rheumatoid arthritis                                

Brian Bowles, Mark Bowles’ brother

Ann Wright (Mary Brown’s cousin) is in long term rehab                    

Pray for Revival in East Tennessee

Roy Garvin’s friend, Mike, who is lost.

Tom Holmes and Judy Fox battling cancer

Pray for all our widows and widowers.

Bettie Miller (Harry Miller’s mom in long term care)

James and Sarah Volkmann (Lori Tackett’s parents)                                

Joe Cass who is at home with several health issues.

Debbie Stitt requests prayer for their neighbor, Joe Milhorn, who has Lou Gehrig’s    

Michael Peterson, (Renal failure due to diabetes);

Jim Brogdon is recovering at home from leg injuries.

He is now on the kidney transplant list.           

Our Military

Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, Ft. Polk, LA; her husband, Raymond Folsom, Army Chaplain, Ft. Polk, LA,  RJ Harrell, Air Force (Louise Harrell’s Grandson), Bailey Kay Jimenez (niece of Kent and Tiffany Hjerpe), USMC.  Sandra and Perry Whitaker’s grandson Zachery Hardin is in the U. S. Army. 


Pray for Family Members Whose Employment is Affected by the Virus

  1. Cecil Hall requests prayer for truck drivers.  4/19/2020
  2. Joy Hall reports that their own business (drug and background screening) is down significantly due to clients going into hiring freezes and courts not holding regular sessions. We’ve had to cut our employee’s hours significantly and it looks like we may have to cut more until SBA financial assistance can come through. Finally got the application from an SBA lender yesterday and just submitted all documentation less than an hour ago.  Thanks everyone for your continued prayers.
  3. Ruth Bottomley, a nurse with Ballad Health has been laid off.   4/15/2020
  4. Cheryl Ponder was recently laid off from her job.  4/15/2020
  5. Pray for church members who own their personal businesses. 4/15/2020
  6. Grayson Boyer who plans to work at Look Up Lodge camp; employment uncertain. 4/15/2020
  7. Heather Lee Swaringen, a hairdresser, has been laid off from Great Clips since 3/19/2020.  4/15/2020
  8. Angie Houston is working part time at home; employment is uncertain.  4/15/2020
  9. Lori Peterson  and 1300 other employees are unemployed from Ballad Health.  4/15/2020
  10. Elisa Britt is working from home; employment is uncertain.  4/15/2020
  11. Trey Donaldson is unemployed due to the closing of Fuddruckers.  4/15/2020
  12. Betty Chapman has two granddaughters and one their husbands have been laid off.  Britteney and Ashely are hairdressers, and Buddy. 4/15/2020




Our Missionaries

  • Grayson Boyer, Summer missionary to Look Up Lodge in SC for this summer.
  • Alan & Tina Lyle, CRU, Orlando, FL
  • Sara Bottomley, CRU, ETSU/Boone, NC and Johnson City
  • Debby Clark has a nephew in Papu, Indonesia with Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Mike & Amy Martin.  They are translating the New Testament for the Kosarek people.
  • Angela Thompson’s daughter and son-in-law:  Carla and Daniel Gibson and their four children are now missionaries in Osaka, Japan with Christar Ministries.
  • The Adoration Team.
  • Katie and Tyler Shelby who are serving God in Ethiopia
  • Bob and Kristen Hickling, BGA, serving in Georgia for the Will Graham Crusade in 2020.
  • Richard Long who serves the Lord Jesus Christ at The Waters of Johnson City Nursing Home as a Chaplain to the residents and their family members as well as to the staff and other employees.

Pray for Firefighters, EMS and Police

Pray for our FireFighters, EMS, the local Police units, the Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol during the upcoming days for their rest, success, safety, both physical and mental well-being.  Also pray for them to have the ability to handle conflict, stress and trauma in their lives as they encounter these in their jobs and other exposures of life.