Urgent Prayer Request: 12/2/2020

1. Pray for Connie Letcher, who will be having surgery in the next  few days.  12/1/2020

2. Dale Strother requests prayer for his son Josh who had surgery regarding  the removal his large intestines. He is making progress, though it takes time to heal. 11/21/2020

3. Pray for Diana Fine’s daughter-in-law Tracy (Richard’s wife) who has been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.  11/21/20

4.  Praying the children at Roaring Creek in Belize.  Flood waters destroyed everything.  11/21/2020

5. Please pray for Debby Clark as she looks for a job.   11/11/2020

6. Sara Tackett requests prayer to help her to find a job since returning from India. 11/26/2020

7. Pray for these lost people that need to be saved: Don and Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, for someone’s uncle, Robbie & Andrew, Jordan, Brian Lowe, Michael, Erica, Chandler and Bobbie and Ronnie Britt. 11/1/2020

8. Pray for Randy Ledford recently had a small seizure.  The doctors increased his meds and is watching him.  As of 11/23, Randy’s grandson Gideon fell and broke his elbow.  He had surgery on 11/24/2020.  All went well.  Randy and Michelle are to be tested for COVID-19 this week.  11/24/2020

9.  Pray for Patricia Galloway who has tested positive for COVID-19.  She is a cancer survivor with lung issues.  12/1/2020

10.  Pray for Cecil Hall, an attendee, whose granddaughter Kayleigh has Ben diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.  She is not quite 3 years old.  Also pray for Cecil who will be having surgery this coming week.  11/27/2020

11.  Pray for Karisha Larkins as she will be undergoIng more tests this month and begin chemo in early December.  11/11/2020

12 Pray for Alice Harrell as she recovers from hip surgery.  She continues to do well with her recovery.  11/18/2020

13. Pray for Tom Holmes as doctors re- diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer again.  He will begin new treatments on Dec. 1st.  11/22/2020

14. Chad Bailey tells us that  Ms. Elaine Cantrell.  Pastor and Richard checked on her this week.  She is feeling better.  Please keep her in you prayers.  She is at home.  11/30/2020

15. Continue to pray for Alice Harrell as she recovers from his surgery.  She is doing well at home with therapy.  11/21/2020

16. Pray for Sandra Whitaker’s great-grandson, Jaydon who has been very sick. The last few days.  Also continue to pray for her Mother.  11/21/2020

17. Jim Krell requests that we pray for him. God is sovereign over his life.  11/22/2020

18. Katrina Harmon requests prayer her mother who just finished a round of chemo.  She is waiting to see what is to come next.  11/22/2020

19. Shelly Harr requests prayer for a family member who is addicted to alcohol and asking for release for this person.  Also has financial stress concerns.  11/23/2020

20. Betty Odum requests prayer for her brother-in-law Roger Hypes, who has throat cancer.  He had 30 cancer treatments, which burned his throat and he is unable to eat.  11/23/2020

21.  Pray for Greg Canter’s mother, Brenda. She is waiting for tests results; possible cancer.  11/24/2020

22. Former Pastor Phil Hoskins is in the hospital with COVID-19.  Please pray for him; it has been over 16 days since being diagnosed with COVID.  12/1/2020

23.  Pray for Lacy Bowles who tested positive for the COVID-19 on Monday.  She and the family are in isolation at home.  12/1/2020

24. Congratulations to Amber and Adam with the birth of their son Gaines Jordan.  Wow! 12/2/2020

25.  Sandra Keebler requests prayer for her grandson, Seth, who is having a brain tumor removed on Friday.  12/2/2020







Lisa Stevens Parrish, T.A. Duggar Middle School, Elizabethton


Kristin Lance, Charolette, NC


Amber Haney, Jonesborough Elementary


Susan Gray, Chuckey Doak High School, Greene County


Angie Boyer, Lakebridge Elementary,Johnson City


Dani Scott, Washington County


Lauren Lawhon, Mountain View Elementary


Kelly Tackett, Unicoi Elementary School


Mark Bowles, West Greene High, Greene County


Amanda Bitner, Sullivan County


Patricia Farrior, Sullivan County


Mariel Wilder, McDonald Elementary




Kim Holmes, Teacher’s Assistant, Towne Acres, J.C.


Jeannette Cohran, Admin Assistant, Science Hill Career Tech Education


Jason Wilder, VET Service Coordinator, Walter State.


Pam Dykes Price, Johnson City Central Office


Larry Tipton, LockSmith, ETSU


Regina Harrell, Counseling Supervisor, Unicoi County School.


Allie Malone, School Nurse, Mountain View


Lori Comstock, Teacher’s Ass’t, Cherokee Elementary School.













Ongoing Prayer Requests

JC Milhorn has Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Joe Cass has several health issues.

Vickey Dempsey, Hospice Care

Veronica Hurst has several health issues.

Bobby Harrell has chronic pain and fatigue.

J.B. Becky and Justin Fine salvation

Dale and Linda Browning

Scott Bradford (Regina Harrell’s dad)

Bill Buchanan (Lori Tackett’s uncle)                                

Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)

Tim Cohran’s family house fire settlement

Matthew Clark is in a work release program.

Kim Church – Chronic rheumatoid arthritis                                

Brian Bowles, Mark Bowles’ brother

Ann Wright (Mary Brown’s cousin) is in long term rehab                    

Pray for Revival in East Tennessee

Roy Garvin’s friend, Mike, who is lost.

Judy Fox battling cancer

Pray for all our widows and widowers.

Bettie Miller (Harry Miller’s mom in long term care)

James and Sarah Volkmann (Lori Tackett’s parents)                                 

Michael Peterson, (Renal failure due to diabetes); he is now on a kidney transplant list.

Jim Brogdon is recovering at home from leg injuries.


Our Military

Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, Ft. Polk, LA; her husband, Raymond Folsom, Army Chaplain, Ft. Polk, LA,  RJ Harrell, Air Force (Louise Harrell’s Grandson), Bailey Kay Jimenez (niece of Kent and Tiffany Hjerpe), USMC.  Sandra and Perry Whitaker’s grandson Zachery Hardin is in the U. S. Army. 


Our Missionaries


  • Alan & Tina Lyle, CRU, Orlando, FL
  • Sara Bottomley, CRU, ETSU/Boone, NC and Johnson City
  • Debby Clark has a nephew in Papu, Indonesia with Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Mike & Amy Martin.  They are translating the New Testament for the Kosarek people.
  • Angela Thompson’s daughter and son-in-law:  Carla and Daniel Gibson and their four children are now missionaries in Osaka, Japan with Christar Ministries.
  • The Adoration Team.
  • Katie and Tyler Shelby who are serving God in Ethiopia
  • Bob and Kristen Hickling, BGA, serving in Georgia for the Will Graham Crusade in 2020.

Pray for Firefighters, EMS and Police

Pray for our FireFighters, EMS, the local Police units, the Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol during the upcoming days for their rest, success, safety, both physical and mental well-being.  Also pray for them to have the ability to handle conflict, stress and trauma in their lives as they encounter these in their jobs and other exposures of life.