Requests will remain on this list for 3 weeks and then removed. To keep on the prayer list longer, text info to 423-276-1995.

1.  Judy Henegar requests prayer for her family members salvation.  1/5/2022

2.  Helen Ray requests prayer for her as she fasts and prays.  1/5/2022

3.  Brandon Nave requests prayers for himself, his wife, and his daughter.  They are all sick with COVID.  1/19/2022

4.  Pray for Angela Thompson’s daughter Carla Gibson, who had her thyroid removed; Surgery went well.  Pathology report says no concern for the future.  1/12/2022

5.  Sandra Keebler praises the LORD for Seth’s cancer healing.  Continue to pray that his family will see God’s hand in his healing and draw them by His Holy Spirit to Himself.  12/19/2021

6.   Pray for Jimmy Fox’s family with his passing.  1/3/2022

7.   Pray for Steve Haney, who has back issues, had an MRI in November and is waiting for an appointment with the back surgeon; he also has back pain and depression issues.  1/10/2022

8.  Pray for Sid McMichael has been released from the hospital.  Pray that he can continue to improve from his depression.  1/9/2021

9.  Continue to prayer for the U S Supreme Court as they consider the abortion issue of the state of Mississippi. 12/13/2021

10.   Brenda Adams request prayer for the salvation of these:  Sharon, Gary, Dorian, and Christina.  12/8/2021

11.   Pray for Michelle Vanover as undergoes tests to determine the cause of severe low back pain.

12.  Judy Fields requests prayer for Louise Harrell’s son-in-law, Doug Blake, who had a heart attack.  He is in the Greeneville Hospital and awaiting a room at the JCMC.  1/14/2022

13.  Please pray for Judy Hensley, a former church member, as she is in a nursing home with lingering confusion. 1/1/2022

14.  Debbie Stitt requests prayer for her sister, Kim Baggett, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and also behind her breastbone. She is in Atlanta getting a second opinion with her husband.  1/17/2022

15.  Freta Tipton requests pray for her son, Jacob, who is seriously ill and is in the hospital ICU with asthmas issues.  1/06/2022

16.  Diana Miller requests prayer for the Paul Randall family as he passed this week.  1/04/2022

17.  Pray for Tom Letcher who has Crohn’s disease is giving him problems.  He also has kidney surgery scheduled on Feb. 23, 2022.  1/18/2022

18.  Pray for Jerry Stevens had bladder procedures on 1/10/2022 and he is doing well.  Waiting to see how the procedures will work in the next few days.  1/12/2022

19.  Sherry Lewis requests prayer for Vickie Godfrey, a friend who has been in the hospital for 8 weeks.  She has spent 6 weeks in ICU following 2 heart attacks.  She is is Chattanooga,  TN.  1/09/2022

20.  Remember to pray for Todd and Donna Fields who are both facing some health issues and upcoming procedures.  1/09/2022

21.  Sabrina Painter requests prayer for her uncle who is in the ICU, with complications with COVID.  1/09/2022

22.  Tammy Rowe requests prayer friend Beth Arnold’s son, Sam.  Sam has gut issues.  1/17/2022

23.   Pray for Jason Fox as he recovers from hand surgery.  1/12/2022

24.  Pray for Michelle and Chris Vanover have improved from COVID and will return to work on Tuesday.  1/17/2022

25.  Pray for Debbie Stitt who has been diagnosed with COVID.  1/12/2022

26.  Elizabeth Bowles requests prayer for Bleu Harper who has health issues.  1/14/2022

27.  Prayer is requested for Brenda Johnson, Crystal Keys Johnson’s mother-in-law, who is undergoing chemo treatment for cancer.  1/14/2022

28.  Randy and Sonya Sanders’ son Nick, his wife and 22 month grandson have COVID.  Also their daughter Rachel has COVID.  1/16/2022

29.  Wanda Garland is having shoulder issues and is having an MRI on Wednesday to determine what is going on with her shoulder.  1/16/2022

30.  Pray for Sadie Bowles as she has COVID.  1/18/2022

31.  Pray for the Alan Sutphin family as they have COVID. 11/18/2022

Do not forget to pray for your neighbors if you have signed up for Be a Light – Bless Every Home.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Gary Harrell is recovering from brain surgery.

Tom Holmes is fighting a second round of cancer.

Joe Ferrell has been diagnosed with lung cancer; his doctors are giving him chemo and radiation at this time.

Joe Cass has several health issues.

Veronica Hurst has several health issues.

Tracy Honeycutt has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer.

Eileen Dobson is praying that her house will sell in VA so that she can move to Johnson City to be near her family.

Sam Lester is recovering from a second bout of cancer in his chest area.

Scott Bradford (Regina Harrell’s dad)                                

Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)                             

Brian Bowles, Mark Bowles’ brother, he has been released from jail. Pray for him to trust God as Savior.

Ann Wright (Mary Brown’s cousin) is in long term rehab.

Pray for these lost people that need to be saved:  Dan and Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, Robbie and Andrew, Jordan, Brian Lowe, Michael, Erica, Chandler, and Bobbie & Aaron Buckles         

Pray for Revival in East Tennessee

Pray for all our widows and widowers.

Sarah Volkmann (Lori Tackett’s mother)                                 

Michael Peterson, (Renal failure due to diabetes); he is now on a kidney transplant list.

Jim Brogdon is at home.

Pray for Andy and Sarah Stewart are now in south Texas for the next nursing assignment as travel nurses.


Our Military

*Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, Ft. Polk, LA; her husband, Raymond Folsom, Army Chaplain, Ft. Polk, LA.

 *Sandra and Perry Whitaker’s grandson Zachery Hardin is in the U. S. Army. 


Our Missionaries

  • Alan & Tina Lyle, CRU, Orlando, FL
  • Sara Bottomley, CRU, ETSU/Boone, NC and Johnson City
  • Debby Clark has a nephew in Papu, Indonesia with Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Mike & Amy Martin.  They are translating the New Testament for the Kosarek people.
  • Angela Thompson’s daughter and son-in-law:  Carla and Daniel Gibson and their four children are now missionaries in Osaka, Japan with Christar Ministries.  They are currently on furlough from Japan, living in Johnson City, TN.
  • The Adoration Team.
  • Katie and Tyler Shelby who are serving God in Ethiopia.
  • Cass and Patricia Farrior’s son Paul and his wife Hannah and children, Miller and Maggie will be in missionary training in Richmond, VA beginning January 24, 2022.  They will be in training for seven weeks and then they will be assigned to Moscow, Russia to help plant a new church.

Pray for Firefighters, EMS and Police

Pray for our FireFighters, EMS, the local Police units, the Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol during the upcoming days for their rest, success, safety, both physical and mental well-being.  Also pray for them to have the ability to handle conflict, stress and trauma in their lives as they encounter these in their jobs and other exposures of life.