Requests will remain on this list for 3 weeks and then removed. To keep on the prayer list longer, text info to 423-276-1995.

  1.  Pray for these lost people that need to be saved: Don and Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, for someone’s uncle, Robbie & Andrew, Jordan, Brian Lowe, Michael, Erica, Chandler and Bobbie and Ronnie Britt; Aaron Buckles’ salvation.  8/18/2021

2.  Please pray for Elaine Cantrell’s family as she went to heaven on Saturday.  Her funeral memorial will be at Tetricks Funeral Home on Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm, then the funeral services at 1 pm.  Her graveside will be at 2 pm at Monte Vista Burial Park in Johnson City. 9/22/2021

3.  Pray for Connie Letcher is recovering from pancreatitis.  9/19/2021

4. Pray for Stephen Dale’s surgery has been scheduled for the first week in October.   9/19/2021

5.  Pray for Tom Holmes as he is going through chemo therapy for pancreatic cancer.  8/29/2021

6.  Pastor Richard Long requests prayer for a longtime friend Johnny Nelson.  He had his cancerous bladder removed.  Cancer has returned in the bladder cavity area.  He has only 4% chance for survival.  He will learn in September of how much time that he has remaining.  9/4/2021

7.  Continue to pray for Sadie Bowles as she recovers from a recent car wreck that left her with a broken leg. 9/02/2021

8.  Please pray for Brandon and Danielle Nave.  He had a CT scan last Friday.  The doctor reported that he had no remaining cancer.  That is great news.  9/22/2021 

9.   Samantha Painter has an appointment with a neurologist on September 9, to determine the cause of abnormality that showed up on her MRI.  9/9/2021

10.  Pray for Buster Coomer as he recovers from open heart surgery at home. 9/22/2021

11.  Michelle and Chris Vanover requests prayer for her aunt, Judy White.  She is currently sick and needs to come to the Lord for salvation.  9/05/2021

12.  Louise Harrell requests prayer for her son, retired Major General Gary Harrell, who is in the Duke Hospital.  He had brain surgery on 8/31.  He is awaiting word on further treatment for his cancer.  9/22/2021

13.  PRAISE TO GOD:  Marilyn McMichael  had surgery and is recovering at home.  No cancer.  9/19/2021

14.  Pray for Sam Lester will have lung surgery on Thursday, 9/23/2021 to remove fluids.  9/22/2021  

15.  Continue to pray for Nila Price, Sandra Whitaker’s mother, who is in Hospice care and declining rapidly.  She is patiently waiting on the Lord to send for her. 9/19/2021

16.  Pray for Tom Letcher’s sister Beth, who has pancreatic cancer.  She also has a tumor on her thyroid.  9/2/2021

18. Jerry Lucas is recovering at home.  9/19/2021

19.  Please pray for Ladonna Hoilman’s family,; her Dad passed this past week.  His name is Chuck Harbin and his wife is Pat.   9/12/2021

20.  Pray for Brycen Gambill who has kidney stones.  9/19/2021

21.  Pray for Jenna Bailey as her PaPaw Marion Davis passed away this week.  9/22/2021





















Ongoing Prayer Requests

JC Milhorn has Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Joe Cass has several health issues.

Veronica Hurst has several health issues.

Bobby Harrell has chronic pain and fatigue.

Alice Harrell is recovering from broken hip.

J.B. Becky and Justin Fine salvation

Scott Bradford (Regina Harrell’s dad)                                

Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)

Tim Cohran’s family house fire settlement

Matthew Clark is in a work release program.                               

Brian Bowles, Mark Bowles’ brother, is having issues with drug abuse.

Ann Wright (Mary Brown’s cousin) is in long term rehab 

Cecil Hall’s granddaughter, 3 year old, Kayleigh has a brain tumor that is cancer.

Tom Holmes, who is battling another round of  Cancer

Jim Krell is trusting the sovereignty of God with his life.           

Pray for Revival in East Tennessee

Roy Garvin’s friend, Mike, who is lost.

Pray for all our widows and widowers.

Bettie Miller (Harry Miller’s mom in long term care)

James and Sarah Volkmann (Lori Tackett’s parents)                                 

Michael Peterson, (Renal failure due to diabetes); he is now on a kidney transplant list.

Jim Brogdon is at home.

Pray for Andy and Sarah Stewart as they are waiting for new assignments as Travel Nurses (RN).


Our Military

*Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, Ft. Polk, LA; her husband, Raymond Folsom, Army Chaplain, Ft. Polk, LA.

 *Sandra and Perry Whitaker’s grandson Zachery Hardin is in the U. S. Army. 


Our Missionaries


  • Alan & Tina Lyle, CRU, Orlando, FL
  • Sara Bottomley, CRU, ETSU/Boone, NC and Johnson City
  • Debby Clark has a nephew in Papu, Indonesia with Wycliffe Bible Translators:  Mike & Amy Martin.  They are translating the New Testament for the Kosarek people.
  • Angela Thompson’s daughter and son-in-law:  Carla and Daniel Gibson and their four children are now missionaries in Osaka, Japan with Christar Ministries.
  • The Adoration Team.
  • Katie and Tyler Shelby who are serving God in Ethiopia

Pray for Firefighters, EMS and Police

Pray for our FireFighters, EMS, the local Police units, the Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol during the upcoming days for their rest, success, safety, both physical and mental well-being.  Also pray for them to have the ability to handle conflict, stress and trauma in their lives as they encounter these in their jobs and other exposures of life.