Other long term crisis needs

  1. Sam Lester is recovering from a second cancer issue.
  2. Veronica Hurst has several on-going health issues.
  3. Eileen Dobson is prayer that her house will sell in VA so that she can move to Johnson City, TN to be near her family.
  4. Jeannette Cohran’s brother, Sidney Guerin.
  5. Mary Brown’s cousin, Ann Wright.
  6. Former member, Gary Harrell, Louise Harrell’s son.
  7. Lori Tackett’s mother, Sarah Volkmann.
  8. Jim Brogdon, who is home bound.
  9. Michael Peterson, Jerry and Sherry Steven’s son-in-law, is waiting for a kidney transplant.
  10. Sandra Miller is recovering from back issues.
  11. Debby Clark’s sister, Pam Price has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
  12. Pray for Andy and Sarah Steward, who are traveling nurses, currently serving in Texas.
  13. Pray for the church widows and widowers.
  14. Pray for Jacob Painter’s dad, Jeff who has health issues.
  15. Pray for Tim Larkins’ dad, Allen Johnson who has dementia.