Ongoing Prayer Requests
Sandra Keebler requests prayer for her grandson, Seth and family that they would see the hand of God in his healing and that they would seek Jesus Christ.
Eileen Dobson is praying that her house will sell in VA so that she can move to Johnson City to be near her family.
Sam Lester is recovering from cancer.
Sidney Guerin (Jeannette Cohran’s brother)
Brian Bowles, Mark Bowles’ brother, needs prayer for him to trust God as Savior.
Ann Wright (Mary Brown’s cousin) is in long term rehab.
Pray for these lost people that need to be saved: Dan and Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, Robbie and Andrew, Jordan, Brian Lowe, Michael, Erica, Chandler, and Bobbie & Aaron Buckles. Also Brenda Adams requests prayer for the salvation of these people: Sharon, Gary, Dorian, and Christina. And Shelley Harr requests prayer for the salvation of her grandchildren: Holly, Kenzie, and Kailey. Freta Tipton also requests prayer for Jacob, her son’s salvation and his relationship with his sister.
Pray for all our widows and widowers.
Sarah Volkmann’s (Lori Tackett’s mother) cancer has returned and is taking chemo treatments.
Pray for Andy and Sarah Stewart who are now headed out for the next travel nurse assignment in Vermont.
Michael Peterson has been placed on the list for a kidney transplant.
Please pray for Steve Stanley’s mom, Edith Hatfield, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer is finishing treatment.
Debbie Clark’s sister, Pam Price has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
Cindy Jesse requests prayer for her nephew Ryan Jessee who is a drug addict. He has anger issues and depression. He is not a follower of Christ.
Sandra Miller has back issues. The doctor says that her back is healing and that he does not want to do surgery. She also has arthritis issues.
Pray for Tim Larkins’ dad. Allen Johnson who has dementia.
Pray for Loui Shipley’s sister, Glenda Cloud who is currently receiving cancer treatments.