Tell us about your family.

I got married September 2014. My wonderful wife, Taylor,  keeps me focused on Christ!


What is your greatest passion?

To see lives radically transformed by the Gospel of Christ.


How long have you been in ministry?

Since May of 2012.


How long have you been at Antioch?

My family and I came to Antioch in the fall of 2003.


What do you love most about Antioch?

It truly is a family, eclectic in its very nature and broadly ranging from all genres of people. Antioch is capable of loving all who enter her arms.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

Being a kid. As the Youth Pastor, I get to have fun with students while at the same time teaching them the truths of scripture. Is there anything more perfect?


What kind of music is on your phone or iPod?

You will find everything from country to classical, pop to screamo, electronic to opera, and everything in between. I am a lover of music, all kinds, all genres, and I try to constantly grow my library.


What is your favorite sports team?

The Atlanta Braves!


What is your favorite food?



What food would you never eat again, if possible?

Mayonnaise, mustard, or deviled eggs.