We Are A
House Of Prayer

A core value of Antioch Church is that Jesus commanded us to be a House of Prayer. In today’s vernacular, it is a call to have a culture that facilitates and encourages prayer of all kinds. We do so by teaching prayer as foundational disciple of being a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and by communicating regularly various crisis, calling, and kingdom prayer needs in our church and community.




Crisis praying is specifically interceding for the physical, financial, emotional, and other needs of people in our circle of influence.

Ephesians 6:18


Kingdom praying is partnering with God in prayer to seek the advance of God’s Kingdom here on earth through not only Antioch Church but other Kingdom minded partners as well.
Matthew 6:10


Calling praying is asking God to lead believers to use their gifts to carry out his work.

Luke 10:2

Send A Prayer. Say A Prayer.


Ronnie and Diane Fine updates

Ronnie had surgery two weeks ago.  He had his stitches removed on 8/09.  Diane Fine had an MRI reveal that she has a cyst on her L5 and also sits on a nerve.  The doctor will use an injection to dissolve the cyst on 8/16.

Published: 08/10/22

Carl Harmon requests prayer for Jeni Rowland family

Carl Harmon requests prayer for Jeni Rowland’s family.  Her mother died in Michigan.

Published: 08/10/22

Perry Whitaker has back issues

Please pray for Perry Whitaker.  He is having back issues and is consulting with the doctor to determine his treatment.

Published: 08/08/22

Sandra Miller has back issues

Please pray for Sandra Miller.  She is having back injuries from a fall.  Waiting on the doctor to determine if she will need surgery.

Published: 08/08/22

Mark Lewis

Pray for Mark Lewis who has been having issues with his blood presssure.

Published: 08/08/22

Ashton and Brandon Belcher

Please pray for Ashton and Brandon.  She lost her baby last week.  Also prayer for the Brummitts family, the Iricks family, and the Belcher family.

Published: 08/08/22

Danny Clark

Please pray for Danny who is having issues with his blood pressure.

Published: 08/08/22

Kristen Hickling of the Billy Graham Team

Kristen fell recently and broke her leg in several places.  She had surgery and is recovering and will be having therapy.  Pray for her and Bob.

Updated: 07/23/22

Published: 07/20/22

Crystal Miller

Please pray for Crystal Miller who has had two surgeries.  She is at home and has some serious recovery issues for the next four week.

Updated: 08/06/22

Published: 06/27/22

Names of people who need to be saved

Judy Henegar requests prayer for her family members’ salvation.

Brenda Adams requests prayer for the salvation of these people:  Sharon, Gary, Dorian, and Christina.

Freta Tipton requests prayer for Jacob, for his salvation salvation.

Shelley Harr requests prayer for the salvation of her grandchildren:  Holly, Kenzie, and Kailey.

Here are more people that need to be saved.  Dan, Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, Robbie, Andrew, Jordan, Brian Lowe, Michael, Erica, Chandler and Bobbie and Aaron Buckles.

Updated: 08/06/22

Published: 06/27/22

Long term health concerns

Pray for Gary Harrell; Louise Harrell’s son who is recovering from brain cancer.

Veronica Hurst is at home with health issues.

Scott Bradford, Regina Harrell’s dad, has health issues.

Sarah Tackett has been diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, which attacks her autoimmune system.

Pray for Lori Tackett’s mom, Sarah Volkmann.

Jim Brogdon is at home with health issues.

Sid McMichael is at home recovering from his depression and has tested positive for Parkinson’s disease.

Michael Peterson is being reevaluated for a kidney transplant.

Updated: 06/27/22

Published: 03/26/22

Johnson City/Washington Police and Fire fighters.

Please pray for our local police and fire fighters as well as our Tennessee Highway Patrol’s physical and mental health.

Published: 03/26/22

Our Missionaries

Please pray for our missionaries:

Alan and Tina Lyle, CRU, Orlando, FL.

Sara Bottomley, CRU, ETSU, Johnson City.

Carla and Daniel Gibson family with 4 children serving in Osaka, Japan.  Daughter of Angela Thompson.  They have been in Tennessee but have returned to Japan in August 2022.

Katie and Tyler Shelby who are serving God in Ethiopia.

Paul and Hannah Farrior and two children are now on the mission field in Poland.  This is Cass and Patricia Farrior’s son and family.

Mike and Amy Martin in Indonesia with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Debby Clark’s nephew.  They are translating the New Testament for the Kosarek people.

Pastor Ryan McGeGhee and wife Natalie are church planters in Custer, SD.  Our church is supporting them each month.  They began the new church, The Church at Custer in Custer, SD, in May 2022.

Updated: 08/08/22

Published: 03/26/22

U. S. Military personnel

Capt. Chad Hypes, Betty Odum’s nephew deployed to Europe because of the Ukraine War with Russia.

Lt.Col. Melissa Ogle Folsom, serving in the Army in Texas.

Joshua Gibson serving in the U. S. Marines.

Updated: 06/11/22

Published: 03/26/22

Seth Garland – update regarding Radiation Therapy

Paul and Kim Garland requests prayer for Seth who was diagnosed with cancer.  He has finished the chemotherapy treatments.   He will be taking 3 weeks of radiation therapy beginning the second week of August.  We rejoice with him and his parents that his treatment will soon come to an end.  Praise the LORD.

Updated: 08/06/22

Published: 03/26/22

Send A Prayer. Say A Prayer




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