We Are A
House Of Prayer

A core value of Antioch Church is that Jesus commanded us to be a House of Prayer. In today’s vernacular, it is a call to have a culture that facilitates and encourages prayer of all kinds. We do so by teaching prayer as foundational disciple of being a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and by communicating regularly various crisis, calling, and kingdom prayer needs in our church and community.




Crisis praying is specifically interceding for the physical, financial, emotional, and other needs of people in our circle of influence.

Ephesians 6:18


Kingdom praying is partnering with God in prayer to seek the advance of God’s Kingdom here on earth through not only Antioch Church but other Kingdom minded partners as well.
Matthew 6:10


Calling praying is asking God to lead believers to use their gifts to carry out his work.

Luke 10:2

Send A Prayer. Say A Prayer.


Angela Thompson

Doctors have decided not to do the Stimulator. I’m too unstable (couple falls recently) and I’m very weak. Now my right leg is going numb as my left was when I had back surgery (which was not successful). I will see if PT helps. This has pushed me to retire with date of 6/30. I’ve got to find Medicare plans C & D. I would appreciate prayers for health and my concern living on social security.

Updated: 06/06/23

Published: 06/04/23

Jacob Tilley

Tina Tipton requests prayer for her son, Jacob Gilley,  who is facing some medical issues.

Published: 05/30/23

Diana Fine and her brother Ronnie Johnson

Pray for Diana Fine’s brother, Ronnie Johnson who will begin chemo treatments for his bladder cancer on May 26, 2023.  Also pray for Diana who will have back surgery in late June to cauterize some nerves that are causing her great pain.

Published: 05/24/23

Romley Wallace

Pray for Romley Wallace who had hip surgery on May 24.  Surgery went well for him.

Published: 05/24/23

Angela Long

Pray for Pastor Richard’s daughter-in-love,Angela Long, Rich Long Jr.’s wife.  She has been diagnosed with colon stage 4 cancer.  She will begin chemo and radiation treatments on May 30th.

Updated: 05/23/23

Published: 05/16/23

Sidney Guerin, Jeannette Guerin Cohran’s brother

Please pray for my older brother, Sidney Guerin as he is at the National Health Institute in Maryland having test done this week to see if he will qualify for another experimental treatment for his Hairy Cell Leukemia. He has been battling this disease for 13 years. He will know today, Wednesday if he qualifies. Pray for God’s Will.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts & prayers.
Sidney was accepted into the program and they started him on the medication today. If all goes well and no complications, he can go home Saturday. Continue to pray for him that this medication will help him. Prayer works and God is Good.

Published: 05/08/23

Danielle Nave

Because of Danielle’s age, previous gestational diabetes with previous pregnancy and high blood pressure they have decided to induce labor between 36 to 38 weeks. This will put the due date between June 15th and June 29th. Pray that the pregnancy goes smoothly until then.

Updated: 05/08/23

Published: 04/08/23

Nancy Ferrell

Pray for Nancy Ferrell and family in the loss of her husband, Joe, on June 3.

Updated: 06/03/23

Published: 03/31/23

Pray for our church missionaries

Pray for Mike and Amy Martin, Debby Clark’s nephew and wife, who are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Pray for Carla and Daniel Gibson and their 4 children, serve as missionaries in Osaka, Japan with Christar Ministries.  They are currently in Johnson City caring for her mother Angela Thompson who has back issues.

Pray for Alan and Tina Lyle who serve with the Family Life Ministry of CRU in Orlando, FL.

Pray for Paul and Hannah Farrior and their two children, Miller and Maggie who serve as IMB missionaries in Poland.  They currently schedule meetings to read the Bible with several non-believer men who have been attending their English clubs.  He has asked Antioch members to pray for the LORD to stir in these men’s hearts and draw them to Himself.  They also have some short-term missionaries coming to Poland to do street/park evangelism (in May, 2023).  Pray that the LORD will allow for great conversations and that people would be open to  having Gospel conversations with the long term mission staff members and the short-term missionaries.

Pray for Ryan and Natalie McGeHee and family who are pastoring The Church at Custer, SD.

Pray for Dr. Troy Rust and the Holston Baptist Association in Johnson City, TN.

Pray for the Timberlake Church in Gray, TN.

Pray for Cherished Mom, a non-profit ministry to women who are having postpartum issues.  Kristina and Wes Dulaney are the founders of this ministry, are members of Antioch Church

Updated: 05/16/23

Published: 03/31/23

Five Women who are pregnant

Please pray for five women who are in the Antioch Church that are currently pregnant.

Published: 03/31/23


Sandra Keebler requests prayer for her grandson, Seth and family that they would see the hand of the LORD God in his healing and that they would seek Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Pray for Tammy Maroukas’ son-in-law, Larry Jackson, that he would be saved.

Pray for Brian Bowles, Mark’s brother, that he would be saved.

Pray for all widows and widowers.

Pray for Sarah Volkmann, Lori Tackett’s mother, whose cancer has returned.  She has one more chemo treatment in April, 2023.  Her numbers are improving.

Pray for Edith Hatfield, Steve Stanley’s mother, who finished her cancer treatment and has had surgery and is recovering.

Pray for Pam Price, Debbie Clark’s sister, has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

Pray for Tim Larkins’ dad, Allen Johnson who has dementia.

Pray for Angela Thompson who has ongoing back surgery issues.

Pray for Ryan Jesse, nephew of Cindy Jesse, who is a drug addict.  He has anger issues and depression and not a follower of Christ.

Pray for Andy and Sarah Stewart who are serving as traveling RNs, currently serving in the state of Vermont.

Pray for these lost people to be saved:  Dan and Jose, Mrs. Farmer, Vernon, Dan, Pam, Lauren, Mike, Jordan, Daniel, Randal Stanley, Ray, Gary Hartfield, Robbie and Andrew, Jordan, Brian Lowe, Michael, Erica, Chandler and Bobbie, Aaron Buckles.  Also pray for Brenda Adams list of people:  Sharon, Gary, Dorian, and Christina.  Shelley Harr requests prayer for the salvation of her grand children:  Holly, Kenzie, and Kailey.  Freta Tipton requests prayer for her son, Jacob to be saved.




Updated: 05/08/23

Published: 03/06/23


Our Military:
Some American troops have been deployed in the region of Ukraine.
Betty Odum’s nephew, Capt. Chad Hypes is one who is deployed to Europe for this war crisis in Ukraine.
Melissa Ogle Folsom, Army, now serving in Texas; her husband Raymond Folsom has retired as an Army Chaplain.
Joshua Gibson, serving in the U. S. Marine Corps  at Camp Pendleton,. CA
Alan Mosier is now in the U.S. Navy and finished A training in aircraft at Pensacola, FL.
Justin Lee has graduate from the U.S. Army Boot Camp in February, 2023 and is now stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia at the AIT school.  Friends can call or text him between 10 am and 3:30 pm, as he has night schools.
Timothy Maroukas is in the U. S. Air Force. He has been promoted to a Staff Sergeant.

Updated: 05/23/23

Published: 01/05/23

Andy Rowe update

Pray for Andy Rowe. His percentage of involved blood cells is dramatically improved after chemo and they will do stem cell retrieval in Charlotte during the first part of July.

Updated: 06/03/23

Published: 12/19/22

Send A Prayer. Say A Prayer




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