Tell us about your family.

I have been married to April for 15 years and we have two great kids. One getting ready to leave for college and the other still in elementary school. We are a close family and we do a lot together. April and I love our family and want the best for both of them.


What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is to see people come to the freedom of living for Jesus and serving Him. There is no greater joy than to live unashamed for Jesus Christ!


How long have you been in ministry?

I have been in ministry since 1997.


How long have you been at Antioch?

I have served at Antioch for 2 1/2 years.


What do you love most about Antioch?

I love the people at Antioch.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my role here is seeing people worship Jesus.


What kind of music is on your phone or iPod?

I have a lot of Hillsong on my iphone. I also have Acoustic Alchemy and other jazz favorites.


What is your favorite sports team?

I really enjoy college football a lot.


What is your favorite food?

I love a good steak.


What food would you never eat again, if possible?

Any thing that is classified as Indian food.